House demolition in Ogun State, elderly victims speak out: I carried block for my family to survive


Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun

By Our Reporter

On the 6th August 2020, last week Thursday. Victims of house demolition shared their touching stories, on their experience as a result of house demolition and road expansion in Ogun State. Residents of Ikija in the same environs as the tourist attraction Olumo Rock, shared their stories on how being owed compensation for their demolished houses and shops has affected them.

During a live interview with a radio station in Abeokuta, the members of Rocklanders Community Organisation shared their experiences and plight with the public, and the various obstacles they face in the attempt to survive and receive compensation.

“The suffering is too much, like myself now. I don’t have a house, neither do I have a shop any longer. I went to carry block on my head for two thousand naira a day for my family to survive; I sleep in the church.

Mrs Olajumoke Erinosho the head of administration for the organisation shared. The 62-year-old was at the forefront of all the protests and rallies on this issue at Oke Mosan government premises in Ogun State.

“I lost my son, my Akanbi, my heart. I was over thinking because of this. I have no house, I have no shop any longer no means to survive. Please the governor should meet with us. I don’t have anything.”

Mrs Mulikat Badiru. 

The organisation members were led by the Founder activist Aduke, who represent the victims on the issue.

“The Governor has the final say in the State, we need that say. Yes we know this administration did not demolish the houses, but since they have decided to continue the road projects they should also continue to pay compensation.”

“If there is anyone that deserves to sit down with the Governor of Ogun State. Even if it’s for 10 minutes on the issue. It is the elderly women outside waiting to be interviewed. They fought, protested and demonstrated despite their age. Stayed outside protesting from morning till 8pm in the evening. They deserve the opportunity more than myself for their courage.” The activist expressed passionately.



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