GOLFVILLE: Rayfield club captain shows fang…suspend pro Dung Chunwang for gross indiscipline


By Jack Humphreys III

The captain of Rayfield Golf Club-1913, Rtd. Commodore Lazarus Mshiela has slammed a 60 days suspension to Pro Dung Chunwang, no thanks to acts of insubordination to constituted authority.

In a three paragraph statement personally signed by Commodore Mshiela, effecting the suspension of Pro Chunwang read inter Ali’s that after going through your case of insubordination by the disciplinary committee of the Rayfield Gold Club-1913, you’ve been handed a 60 days suspension.

You’re at liberty to desist from any act that would attract any other sanction to yourself other than outright expulsion.

Subsequently, you’re to stay clear of all the activities of Rayfield Golf Club-1913, while your suspension lasted.

Recall that Rtd. Commodore Mshiela, anchored his election mandate on welfare, discipline and infrastructural development among others.


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