Edo Poll: Gov. Obaseki commends Edo people, descibes victory as the will of the people


By SINL Nigeria -September 20, 2020021

By Our Reporter

Governor Godwin Obaseki has described the outcome of the election in Edo state as reflection of the will of the Edo People.

Speaking shortly after his re-election, Obaseki said “The great people of Edo State have spoken and they have spoken loud and clear”.

He thanked God almighty for making him triumph over his opponents.

He also thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for defending the nation’s democracy.

According to Obaseki, INEC and the security services have shown Nigerians and the world that they are capable of conducting free and credible elections.

He saluted the teeming supporters who he said displayed courage in the face of threats. stressing that the collective will of the Edo people made it possible.

“I am eternally grateful to my party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and my brother governors, not only for giving us the umbrella but for the hard work which has brought me back to the office.

“Our success has been reinforced by the belief that there is nothing that we cannot achieve as a people if we collectively work together and call on God’ Obaseki said.


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