Dwindle fortune of oil: Okorocha says entertainment industry is the answer


Rochas Okorocha, the Senator representing Imo west at the national assembly has said that  the dwindling fortune of Oil across the globe, has offered Nigeria an opportunity to diversify its economy from oil to creative technology.

The former governor of Imo state, whose bill for the establishment of University of Creative Technology, Orlu, Imo State is currently before the Senate said technology is the only way out, stressing that the entertainment industry is a gift to Nigeria and if harness will boost the nation.

. “Nigeria is a world leader when it comes to entertainment – call it the movie stars, the musicians, we have done so much. We are the only country challenging America. Nigeria is popular today because of her stars: musicians, actors and actresses.

He said Lai Mohammed told him a story that he was going to a country and when he said he is Minister of Information, they said wait, moved him aside, but when they saw Kanu Nwankwo coming, the whole road was cleared. “That tells you how important this industry is, but no attention has been given to the entertainment industry in this country.

The University of Creative Technology is tailored towards our economy because most of our universities in Nigeria are for you to go and read, have certificates and do nothing. But what can you create in the movie, film, music industry, robotics, animation? These are some of the things for people to be gainfully employed and not look for white collar jobs anymore. This is your own boss university, if it finally comes to be. 

Okorocha said South east is known for creativity, adding that “they started most of these movies. They are very good at it, you encourage them and export it. This will give us dollars. Last year, movies alone brought about 25 billion dollars through remittance. So, we need to diversify our economy to things like this.”


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