Traditional institution key to curbing crime in the society, Ex-chairman Makurdi LG says


By Raphael Ekpang

The former chairman of Makurdi Local Government Area, Hon. Fidelis Audu has said that the traditional institution played a key role in curbing criminal activities within their domain, adding that the new wave across the country where young vibrant men are being selected as traditional rulers will help restore sanity in the land.

Three times Chairman of Makurdi LGA of Benue State disclosed this in a telephone conversation with New National Stars from his base in Makurdi.

Hon. Audu, is TER Makurdi’s candidate for the upcoming elections to fill the vacant position of the Second Class Chief in Makurdi Cosmopolitan city. The late TER Makurdi the 2nd, Suley Abenga died about two months ago, since then the position has been vacant.

Considering the critical role traditional institutions are playing in the development and maintenance of peace and orderliness in the society, His Royal Majesty, Bengha u Tiv Orccivirigh Professor James Ortese Iorzua Ayatse has scheduled September 10, 2020 for the ‘MOCK’ (primaries) for the TER Makurdi’s election which will come immediately after the primaries if there is no consensus among the candidates.

Hon. Audu said, he yielded to the call of his people to contest the position, adding that as the former LG Chairman who was saddled with the onus of paying the TER Makurdi’s salary he was no suppose to come back and be paying salary by another chairman but, because his people want the best in the seat of power he has no option than to accept their call.

“It was really a clarion call from my people and I did accept it, on my own side I see it as a divine call because you can take a look, second class chiefs are placed under LG headquarters and I served three times consecutively as the chairman and those chiefs were under me, so why should I have accepted to contest under normal circumstances, but I did it on two perspectives.

“I accepted because it is a cosmopolitan city where it habour the seat of power having been in the state capital. And secondly, that people have called me to come and represent them irrespective of the lot of prospects that I may have in politics,” he said.

Hon. Audu told New National Star exclusively that while he is the prefer candidate is because he was born and brought up in Makurdi, he was a councilor that represented Ankpa/Wadata ward, served as the council chairman for three consecutive times, therefore, he knows the good and the bad boys and every intrigues that takes place in security wise.

He noted that while he was the chairman Makurdi LG, the area was very calm as vigilante activities overshadowed that of criminals, thereby creating an enabling environment for businesses and residents were sleeping with their eyes closed. On like now, he insisted that if he gets the chieftaincy he is sure that he will ignite his old self to make sure his domain is safe for residents.

Meanwhile, the voting criteria shall be strictly the district heads which are composed of the kingmakers. In Makurdi they have 10 district heads and two first class chiefs, so, 10 kingmakers drawn from the elders will be  added to the twelve making 22 who will form the electoral college. 


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