MTN System Glitch Leads to Debt Cancellation, Sparking Joy Among Subscribers


In a surprising turn of events, MTN subscribers who had previously taken airtime or data loans may find themselves liable for repaying the debts, as it turns out that the initial debt cancellation was a result of a system error on MTN’s part, according to information obtained by LEADERSHIP.

Interestingly, some subscribers, under the impression that MTN had intentionally wiped out their debts, took to social media to express their jubilation and gratitude towards the telecom company.

One such subscriber, Ada, shared a message on her WhatsApp status exclaiming, “Debt has been paid. MTN debtors, check your account! MTN has relieved you of your burdens.”

However, an MTN official clarified the situation, stating that subscribers would still be responsible for settling their debts, even after MTN resolves the issue that caused the debts to vanish from their accounts.

The official further elaborated that the disappearance of debts in the subscribers’ accounts was a result of a glitch in the system. Consequently, once MTN rectifies the error, subscribers will be obligated to repay the seemingly cleared debts as originally intended.

Ibrahim Garba
Core Reporters Abuja Nigeria


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