#ENDSARS: Catholic priest tasks youths on nationwide protests


Rev. Fr. Jude Ogar Oniah, Parish priest, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Utako, Abuja

By Raphael Ekpang

As the #ENDSARS protest enters third week in Nigeria, a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Jude Ogar Oniah in charge of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Utako-Abuja has urged Nigerian youths to come out and join the protest, adding that this is the only chance they’ve got to take back their destiny from politicians who are not seeing anything good in them.

Fr. Oniah made this call on Sunday while addressing his congregation on the protest across the country occasioned by police brutality to citizens.

He advised that; prayer and fasting alone will not restore the goods governance in Nigeria; therefore, he said the youth must sit up and make their mark now that the opportunity has presented itself.

Fr. Oniah said the protest should not be seen as a fight against President Muhammadu Buhari, his religion or his tribe, why he maintained that the earlier Nigerian youths realize that the country belongs to everybody irrespective of tribe, religion or ethnicity the better for them to take their rightful position.

He further stated that the essence of the #ENDSARS protest is to let the politicians know that power belongs to the people and not a few of them who are opportune to be elected or appointed to represent them in government.

“Some people felt that unless you belong to a certain tribe or religion before you can get a job in Nigeria, that is wrong, Nigeria belongs to every citizen irrespective of tribe, religion or otherwise.

“Because of bad governance in Nigeria, our children are running to Ghana, Niger Republic to go to school, is that not a shame?

“I encourage the youths to join the protest to take their destiny back because fasting and prayer alone can’t solve this monster of bad leadership, but only your practical action because’ faith without work is dead’ can solve that” he said.


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