Budget Defence: We are satisfied with explanation from minister of Works-Sen Aliero


The Senate Committee chairman on Works, Senator Muhammad Adamu Aliero said, his committee was satisfied with the explanation provided by the Minister of Works/Housings, Babatunde Fashola on the proposed 2021 budget.

The Senator representing Kebi central at the senate added that when the ministry forwarded it’s 2021 budget proposal to the committee, its members studied the budget and areas they were not clear with were the areas questions were raised at the budget defence held on Wednesday, as such with the explanations provided by the minister of works, Fashola the committee will in turn make recommendations to the entire senate for consideration of the 2021 budget of the ministry.

“The essence of budget defence is where the minister meets with the senate committee members, and the senators raise questions on issues that they are not clear with so that the minister will through more light.

“On this budget defence of today (Wednesday) we are satisfied with the explanation provided by the minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola. In fact, all the questions my colleagues raised were properly answered,” he said.


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