Breaking… Fr. Oniah decries lack of justice in Nigeria…Condemns attacks on innocent Nigerians


 By Raphael Ekpang

The Parish priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic church, Utako Abuja, Reverend Father Jude Ogar Oniah, has decried the lack of interest for justice in Nigeria which he said has characterized the present situation of things in the country.

The outspoken priest of the Roman Catholic Church on Sunday during church homily said it was disheartening that the government of Nigeria has lost its touch among the citizens, stressing that the government is only concerned with itself and not its citizens.

Fr. Oniah who was reacting to the recent news of how an American who was kidnapped by terrorists in Niger was rescued from his abductors by American  Special Force, said Nigeria government has failed woefully in addressing the problems of its citizens; therefore prefer to take care of a few in detriment of others.

While taking his message from the gospel of Saint Matthew; chapter 5 verse 6 Oniah said if Nigeria leaders were thirsty or hunger for justice like their American counterparts as demonstrated recently in the rescued of its citizen, Leah Shauribu who was kidnapped since February 2018 alongside other school girls in Dapchi who have been released should have been rescued also by now.

He noted that a few days ago about three helicopters were roaming about in Kubwa axis in Abuja in search of stolen indomies and the looters, whereas Leah Shauribu who was abducted about three years ago has been abandoned to her fate.

Meanwhile, Fr. Oniah has condemned in strong terms the looting of individual business places and urged those carrying out such nefarious acts to stop forthwith.

“It is not bad when you carry what belongs to you which has been kept away from you, but it is very bad when you decide to go to an individual’s business house to loot. So I want to say that those who have looted from the government have not done anything bad because what they have looted belongs to them, but those who have attacked individuals’ stores should make restitution because it’s very bad and against the preaching of Jesus Christ,” Fr Oniah said.


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